2017 Top Five Most Affordable Online Doctor of Education Programs (EdD)

2017 Top Five Most Affordable Online Doctor of Education Programs (EdD)

We Can Help You Find The Best Online Ed.D.

If you are looking for affordable online Doctor of Education programs, it can take weeks to find the best programs through traditional web searches.

With our help, you can develop a short-list of program options that meet your key criteria before you start reaching out to universities for more information.

This fall (2017) we collected data on all online and low residency EdD programs actively marketing on the web. There are 55 online, low residency, and hybrod Doctor of Education programs included in our database.

Ranging from $20K to over $100k, here are some of our basic results from the Online Degree Database:

The top five most affordable online and low residency Doctor of Education programs in the U.S.

  1. William Howard Taft University ($20,160)
  2. University of Houston ($20,604)
  3. Valdosta State University ($21,175)
  4. University of the Cumberlands ($22,500)
  5. American College of Education ($22,954)

And we found more things of interest in our search for all online Ed.D.s, including:

  1. All five most affordable Ed.D.s are fully online.
  2. The total tuition for the 55 programs in our database ranges from $20,160 to $112,320, with an average tuition across all programs of $49,994 . So, these five programs clearly are among the more affordably priced, with total tuition just under $23,000.
  3. These most affordable programs offer a wide range of specialization options, including Educational Technology, Leadership, Literacy, Student Counseling and Personnel Services, STEM Ed, Curriculum & Instruction,  Early Childhood Ed, and Higher Education Leadership.

And finally, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, just under 9% of primary and secondary school teachers have earned their Education Specialist or Doctor’s degree. Earning this degree while you continue working is entirely possible with dozens of affordable online Doctor of Education programs now available on the market.

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