Students Should Expand Their Online Degree Horizon

Students Should Expand Their Online Degree Horizon

Improve Your Online Degree Research

recent study indicates that most students researched online program options quickly and often focused only on local institutions. Given the total cost of tuition and the years it may take to earn these degrees, this narrow approach to making such an important decision is shocking! Students should expand their online degree horizon to be sure they make the best choice possible.

In the table above, we see that over time fewer students (20% in 2017) choose to study online at universities more than 100 miles away from their home.* The study suggests that this is happening because the increased number (increased availability) of online programs encourages localization.

The same study found that 36% percent of online college students applied to only one school and 29% applied to only two schools. Sixty-one percent enrolled in the program that responded back to them first. Why? Either:

  • prospective students research and narrow down their list of programs to consider before finally applying to programs, or
  • they don’t have the time to fully research all of their options and, consequently, reach out only the few that they are most familiar with, because of time constraints

Is this you? By limiting your selection to only online programs within 100 miles of where you live, and only researching a few online programs before selecting and enrolling, you are overlooking truly excellent online programs in the national market that better meet your needs.

The potential trade-offs here are significant: paying higher tuition, being forced to take standardized tests for admissions consideration, missing out on relevant concentrations that might help your career advancement, and more.

Expand Online Degree Horizon with The Online Degree Database

Empowering you to find the best online program is possible if you have:

  1. Reliable and unbiased information on a comprehensive, national listing of online degree programs in an easy-to-use format
  2. The information that matters most to you about these online degree programs – how much is the tuition, what are the admissions requirements, is the program 100% online or will you have to attend some on-campus classes, what concentrations are available with the program, etc.

The Online Degree Database offers these details and more for the most popular online degrees available in the market today. The ODD is a new, unique, and unbiased source of information compared to the traditional marketing portals that are designed to collect your information to see as leads. We don’t collect or sell your personal information to anyone!

Visit our Available Programs web page to see what online programs are in our database and use our interactive tool to select the best possible programs for you when you are beginning your search. Get your FREE reports which contain the university and degree names and program website links for the programs that fit your criteria. We help you do the necessary due diligence you want to do before you make this big investment.

Visit the Online Degree Database today and empower yourself as you expand your search for the best online degree program!

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*In 2017, these data are presented for all online students; unlike 2012 & 2016, online graduate student data is not presented discreetly.

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