2018 Most Affordable Online Master of Accounting Degrees – No GMAT Required

2018 Most Affordable Online Master of Accounting Degrees – No GMAT Required

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Most Affordable Master of Accounting Degrees

If you are searching for the most affordable online Master of Accounting degrees, look no further! We have researched ALL of the available programs in the market to create our recommended list. Other websites only include the programs that they market. We know that finding the right online master of accounting program is a daunting task. With more than 91 of these online programs in the market today, prospective students spend hours, even weeks, of time researching and looking for their best program option. We carefully collect the information published on each institution’s website for the 2017-2018 school year* and select those programs with characteristics that are most important to you.

Our final list is comprised of 100% online Master of Accounting degrees with total tuition under $30,000. All are professionally-accredited. Only those programs that do not require interested students to submit GMAT scores with their applications made it to our final list. This list of criteria – 100% online, total tuition under $30,000, professionally accredited, no GMAT required – ensures that you can:

  • keep working full-time while you earn your degree (no required on-campus residencies)
  • be sure your program meets the highest standards for teaching and learning (AACSB or ACBSP-accredited)
  • pay a reasonable price (under $30K total tuition)
  • skip the time and effort of studying for and taking the GMAT exam, so you can move more quickly to meet your career goals!

Great Online Master of Accounting Programs

Here are the programs on our list again, but this time we also include the online program page hyperlinks to make it easy for you to check out the details of these programs on your own!

  1. Liberty University
  2. Plymouth State University
  3. Post University
  4. California Baptist University
  5. Clarion University of Pennsylvania
  6. Southern New Hampshire University
  7. Maryville University of Saint Louis
  8. DeVry University
  9. Kaplan University
  10. Colorado Technical University

As noted in the table at the top of this post, all programs noted here are professionally accredited. Clarion University of Pennsylvania is accredited by AACSB. The other nine programs are accredited by ACBSP. Liberty University and Maryville University of Saint Louis are nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges Ranking. The remaining programs are at regionally ranked and unranked institutions.

Eight programs charge a unified rate of tuition, which means it costs the same for in-state and out-of-state students to attend the online program. The lowest total tuition is at Liberty University ($18,450). However, if you live in New Hampshire and qualify for in-state tuition rates, then the program at Plymouth State University is your lowest cost option ($16,560) on this list.  Colorado Technical University ($28,080) is number ten on our list.

More details on the admissions criteria for each of these programs are also presented in the table above. All programs require you to send transcripts from any institution of higher-education that you’ve attended. Most require applicants to pay an application fee, provide letters of recommendation, resumes, and statements of purpose. And most require a minimum GPA for applicants earned during their undergraduate education. Only a few require applicants to complete an interview with an admissions representative or complete essays.

The Online Degree Database Difference

What makes our Top Ten list special? No other website offers you an unbiased list of online programs based on information from the universe of available programs. In fact, if you use other published lists to start searching for the right online Master of Accounting program, you might overlook some very good programs!  See my post with a recent evaluation of this here. The Top Ten lowest total tuition online Master of Accounting programs, overall, are included in that post.

We are the best source of accurate, comprehensive, and free information for searching online degree programs. We have over 3,900 online degree programs from more than 900 institutions in our database.  Develop an accurate list of online degree programs using the criteria that are most important to you.  Visit our Available Programs page, and select online degree programs by degree type, tuition range, professional accreditation, GMAT requirement, location, and more. Our reports are FREE to you. Generate as many reports as you like. We never ask for your contact information because we are not a marketing firm looking to sell leads, unlike other search websites.

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We believe that students researching online degree options deserve accurate, unbiased information about online degree programs! And we believe that there are some truly great online degree programs that might not get the visibility that other programs do because they don’t have a large advertising budget.

And, one more thing

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Universities, work with the Online Degree Database directly to access unique and relevant intelligence about the online degree market. Contact Michelle at michelle@onlinedegreedatabase.com for more information.

*The Online Degree Database is not a marketing firm. Our goal is to provide prospective students with unbiased information about online programs from the universe of programs available in the market for free.