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Online MBA degrees advance your career while letting you keep accomplishing great things at work. We gather the details of all the most popular master’s degree programs in the United States directly from university websites so you can search by the exact criteria that’s right for you. Did you know that there are over 450 online MBA degree programs in the U.S. market? And there is no other place where you can go to get the complete details of all of these programs, except for at Online Degree Database. The details we capture include location, university name, degree name, available concentrations / specialization, total tuition, cost per credit in-state and out-of-state, prerequisite requirements, professional accreditation, and admissions requirements. With this information in hand, you can be sure that you select your short list of programs from the best online MBAs that meet your personal criteria. We save you time and help you find the right programs quickly.

Online MBA Concentrations

Top Online MBA Concentrations 2017

Top Online MBA Concentrations Online Master of Business Administration programs exist in a highly competitive environment today! With over 473 direct competitors, they differentiate their programs through adding job-relevant or specialized business discipline concentrations. Our recently updated online MBA data show the top concentrations available in the market today. For example: 30% of online MBAs […]

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Compare data from an OED to the Online Degree Database

Time For The Next Level

Improving Your Career Options When it’s time for the next level, improving your career options by going back for your master’s degree is a great idea. One of the most popular master’s degrees is the Master of Business Administration, or MBA. According to Payscale, four out of five MBA graduates interviewed are very satisfied with their […]

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Young professional, searching university websites for online program details

Using Rankings To Start Your Online MBA Degree Search

Rankings Help You Get Started When you decide to get a master’s degree, determine which degree is best given your career goals.  Like many people, you might consider getting an MBA. This is one of the most popular master’s degrees — in 2015, universities report awarding more than 108,000 MBAs. And if you intend to keep working […]

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Fastest Growing MBA Programs

Fastest growing MBA Programs

In life, there are winners and losers. When it comes to popular master’s degrees, the same is true. For twenty years, the MBA has been the degree of choice for ladder-climbing and glass-ceiling breaking professionals. More MBA’s are granted every year than any other master’s degree, by a large margin.  Have all MBA programs experienced strong […]

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Most Affordable Online MBAs

10 Most Affordable Online MBAs

Most Affordable Online MBAs – No GMAT Required There are ten most affordable, no GMAT required, online MBAs out of 462 total online MBA programs in the database.  Most affordable?  All are under $16,300 total tuition. No GMAT required? These programs do not require prospective students to submit a GMAT score as part of the […]

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Buyer's Remorse

The Top Five Most Affordable Online MBAs

Most Affordable Online MBAs If you are looking for affordable online MBAs, it can take days, if not weeks, of time to find them through traditional web searches.  And both the cost and quality of an online MBA are relevant criteria to consider as you search.  But, you’ll only find these details by searching individual program websites from hundreds […]

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Business Degree Assessments

2016-17 Online MBA Tuition Now Updated

The Most Complete and Comprehensive Source of Online MBA Tuition Details The Online Degree Database just completed updating and consolidating 2016-2017 online MBA tuition for all 460+ programs in the U.S. market today. Our team completed this work in a record 500 hours of effort — all to save you hours and even weeks of time in […]

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Business Master's Degree Graduates

Finding the Right Business Master’s Degree for You

New data on business master’s degree graduates (from campus and online programs) are available from the National Center for Education Statistics.  The preliminary 2015 data show that business disciplines continue to be among the most popular for student seeking master’s degrees. Which of these business master’s degrees grants the most degrees? The chart and table […]

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