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Online MBAs Directory and Program Details

The Big Book of Online MBAs

The Big Book of Online MBAs is the first book ever published that presents key details on the program characteristics of these programs and a directory with the names and locations of these programs. Researching to find the best online MBA is more difficult than ever before because the number of online MBAs is large and growing very quickly. There were only 90 online MBAs in 2011 compared to more than 470 in late September 2017! This is an amazing growth story with significant implications for many different audiences.

The rise of the online MBA:

  • opened up a large, new audience of prospective students searching for the best online MBA programs
  • allowed working adults to complete an MBA and develop their career prospects without having to leave their jobs

Challenges for universities include:

  • online MBA programs have to work hard to prove that online education is equal in value to traditional face-to-face education
  • managing resistance to change among those who are an integral part of the critical path to success for delivering the best online education

And the market faces:

  • crippling amounts of choice in program options for students that makes researching the best programs very time-intensive and confusing for prospective students
  • skyrocketing advertising costs and strong competition for universities in a cluttered advertising space

Find the Best Online MBAs

Responding to the current challenges in this market raises questions that conventional data simply cannot answer. This is why we created the Online Degree Database. Prospective MBA students will appreciate the first-ever published directory of online MBA programs from our database, sorted by state. And administrators and faculty at universities with online MBAs will appreciate the power of data to address today’s competitive environment.

This book is for anyone that wants to:

  • learn more about the online MBA degree market from an unbiased source
  • consider entering the online MBA market and is looking for opportunity, if it still exists
  • improve the competitiveness of an online MBA program
  • research the market to see if there are opportunities for concentrations or program features that will enhance an existing program

The Big Book of Online MBAs is the product of thousands of hours of research, organized by a seasoned expert in online degree research.

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This book includes a Directory of Online MBA programs with the key attributes of each of the 470 online MBA programs in the database. The Big Book of Online MBAs contains institution & program name, state, 2018 US News & World Report Best Colleges ranking, total tuition, and delivery modality for each online MBA program in the U.S.

You Can Also Use the to Find the Best Online MBAs

The Online Degree Database is the only independent and comprehensive source of information about online degree programs available. The database contains free program details from the universe of all online master’s degree programs in the U.S. The data are collected by highly-trained individuals who capture all the program details you need to find the best available online MBAs, and other masters degrees, too.

Data from the National Center for Education Statistics (IPEDS) and U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings are also included the database. This allows a robust, comparative view of programs for prospective students and interested parties in the business of delivering higher education.

For more information on other popular online programs, visit our Available Programs Page on our website and do your own free custom search!

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2017 Top Five Most Affordable Online MBAs

Online degrees help you improve your career options

Most Affordable Online MBAs

If you are looking for affordable online MBAs, it can take days, if not weeks, of time to find them through traditional web searches.  And both the cost and quality of an online MBA are relevant criteria to consider as you search.  But, you’ll only find these details by searching individual program websites from hundreds of program choices.

The Online Degree Database collects data from university program websites to provide complete, up-to-date, details for online master’s degree programs. This fall (2017), we collected data from the universe of online MBA programs actively marketing on the web. There are more than 490 online MBAs included in our database.

Our Top Five

The top five AACSB-accredited, most affordable online MBAs in the U.S. today (that we found) are at:

  1. Georgia Southwestern State University
  2. Missouri State University – Springfield
  3. University of Central Arkansas
  4. Western Illinois University
  5. Southeast Missouri State University

Surprisingly, the total tuition for each of these programs is under $11,000 (based on the data published on their websites). In addition to being affordable, four of these programs offer an extensive array of concentrations or specializations. These options range from more traditional subjects like Accounting, Finance, and Marketing, to more unique options like Cyber Security, Supply Chain Management, and Business Law.

Additionally, all of these programs are AACSB-accredited, which ensures that they meet the highest quality standards. Professionally-accredited MBA programs meet these standards in areas such as teaching, student learning, course development, and research.

The Online Degree Database Saves You Time

If you are shopping for an online degree, the Online Degree Database is here to help you.  The database contains more information about online master’s degree programs than any website in the market today. Our goal is to help you find the right program, saving you significant amounts of time while providing the best information possible. Visit our website today to find other affordable online MBAs, and to explore other online MBA programs, or any of the most popular online master’s degrees.  We’ll help you develop a short-list of program options that meet your key criteria before you start reaching out to universities for more information. Visit our Available Programs page and get your free report today!