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Career Advancement Is Important

Why is career advancement so important? Because many of us believe that we know everything that we need to know for our current job. We are competent and it’s just not exciting or fulfilling anymore to do this work. We want something new, something challenging, and something more rewarding.

If you are in this situation, you understand what I’m saying.  Doing the same things, over and over again, in your current job is one thing. But not making forward progress with new responsibilities or meaningful raises is your signal to make a change. And a graduate education is your key to this advancement.

Watch Out For Marketing Websites

There’s no shortage of ‘advice’ on the Internet if you are trying to determine your next best career steps. But there is a shortage of unbiased, comprehensive information about online master’s degree programs. Most websites that offer information about online degree programs are actually marketing websites. These include: MBA.com, Bestmastersdegrees.com, Guidetoonlineschools.com, Onlineeducationdatabase.com, and others. These websites are designed to capture your personal information to sell to university online programs. And the online programs they provide this information to are their customers, not you.

The online education market is very sales-driven. This means most of the ‘free’ information offered about online programs is designed to sell you something (that you may not even want). If you use one of these marketing websites, you will quickly find yourself fielding phone calls from Enrollment Advisers. These advisers are from the universities that use these marketing websites to generate leads for their programs.  If you are serious about career advancement, you should avoid these websites. You may find yourself ‘sold’ into an online program before you even have a chance to complete your due diligence.  Considering how much you will spend for a graduate degree, it’s worth the effort to find the right program!

Good Information Paves The Way

Dionne completed her bachelor’s degree at a small, private college in Texas. She’s worked for three years in the Marketing Department of a major retail firm. People in her organization advance in their career faster if they complete their MBA. But she has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. It never occurred to her that there are many online MBA degree programs that accept applicants who don’t have a business bachelor’s degree. She also doesn’t know that there are online MBA degree programs that don’t require GMAT scores! Where can she get this information? Not on a marketing website like the ones identified above.

There are many students, just like Dionne, who found a new website that helps them find the right online program. This new source is the Online Degree Database. Learn about online degree programs from a source that was designed for you, the prospective student.

The Online Degree Database doesn’t ask for your name and phone number — we don’t sell your personal information to anyone. We have built an easy-to-use, unbiased, comprehensive and free database of online degree programs.  It contains most of the available online degrees in the market today. If what you are looking for isn’t there, we’ll find it for you. And when you are ready to start making decisions about which type of degree (MBA, Master of Accounting, MSW, MSN, etc.) visit our Available Programs page and search for the programs that fit your criteria. Get your free report. It saves you hours, sometimes weeks, of work searching for this information on your own.

It’s easy, it’s comprehensive, it’s free, and it’s designed for you.

Start working on your next career today by visiting the Online Degree Database. You’ll be glad you did.

Universities, work with the Online Degree Database directly to access unique and relevant intelligence about the online degree market. Contact Michelle at michelle@onlinedegreedatabase.com for more information.

Best Masters Degrees for Improving Your Salary

Best Masters Degree for Improving Salary

Graph Source: Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce analysis of U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey micro data, 2009-2013, p 18.

Best Masters Degrees for Improving Your Salary

I recently ran across an excellent source of information on the difference in wages paid by graduate degree discipline. A recent study from the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University finds that, overall, graduate degree holders earn 28% more than bachelor’s degree holders.

Of course, they found that not all graduate degrees boost your income at the same rate.  Here are some key facts on this point:

  • Biology and life sciences majors with graduate degrees earn 63 percent more than those with Bachelor’s degrees. Biology and life sciences majors are also most likely to earn a graduate degree.
  • Graduate degree holders who majored in health and medical preparatory programs earn 137 percent more than those with Bachelor’s degrees.
  • Business majors’ wages vary the most. Business majors earn $43,000 annually at the 25th percentile and $98,000 annually at the 75th percentile, a difference of $55,000. Education majors’ wages vary the least.
  • STEM majors not only have the highest wages, they experience the largest wage growth over the course of their careers. Business and health majors are the two non-STEM majors that lead to above-average wages.

The study points out that the economic value of majors plays a role in students’ choice of major, but students’ abilities, academic preparation, interests, and values are also important.

Consider Online Degree Options

Does this information suggest that the master’s degree in the discipline you want will pay off?

If you want to earn your master’s degree while working, getting the degree online is a great option for you. If you are unsure about getting your degree online, you should know that in a recent study with online students, 90% of those surveyed who had also taken on-ground classes said the online classroom is better or the same as their experience on campus. And, upon graduating, 72% of online students felt it was worth their time, and 69% felt it was worth the investment of their money. And fifty percent of those surveyed said that they were only able to get their master’s degree online, because they didn’t have the time to attend classes on campus.

But finding the right online master’s degree program can be a challenge. There are often many programs to choose from.

There is a better way

The Online Degree Database has all the information you need to create your short list of potential programs. Search for the degree types that are most relevant to you and download your Free Report(s).

What’s in the Free Report?

The Free Report gives you the university and degree names for the online degrees in our database that meet the criteria you select — and a live link to each program’s website.  You can pick from institutions that you know. Use this Free Report to see the universe of available programs and make more informed decisions about your final shopping list of programs. Create as many Free Reports as you like!

Most students who use our database tell us that they appreciate how easy it is to use and they are glad they don’t get unwanted telephone calls and email solicitations from unknown university marketing partners. Our tool puts them back in the driver’s seat for researching their online degree options, which is

Using the Online Degree Database is the smart way to go when shopping for the right online master’s degree.  It’s like using Carfax before buying your used car, or joining Angie’s List to find a reputable contractor for major home improvements!

Universities, work with the Online Degree Database directly to access unique and relevant intelligence about the online degree market. Contact Michelle at michelle@onlinedegreedatabase.com for more information.

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