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Search online master’s degrees in our database so that you keep working while you advance your career. Until now, there was not a complete, unbiased source of information about online master’s degrees. This made shopping for the right degree very difficult and time-consuming. The Online Degree Database is built by educational professionals who collect data directly from program websites, including information that research has established is most important to students. This includes program curriculum details like available concentrations / specializations, total program tuition, location and US News & World Report ranking of the university, prerequisite and admissions requirements, and more. This information is organized into a searchable, online database that allows students to look for programs that meet their specific needs and download the program details that they need to make an informed decision. The information may be purchased at a nominal fee, saving prospective students time and ensuring they select from the universe of available programs, not just the ones that are marketing their programs heavily.

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The Top Five Most Affordable Advanced Standing Online MSWs

Most Affordable Advanced Standing Online MSWs If you graduated from a CSWE-accredited bachelor’s program in Social Work and are looking for an affordable online, advanced standing MSW, it can take days, if not weeks, of time to find the best programs through traditional web searches. And both the cost and quality of an online MSW are relevant […]

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Using Rankings To Start Your Online MBA Degree Search

Rankings Help You Get Started When you decide to get a master’s degree, determine which degree is best given your career goals.  Like many people, you might consider getting an MBA. This is one of the most popular master’s degrees — in 2015, universities report awarding more than 108,000 MBAs. And if you intend to keep working […]

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(Source: Clinefelter, D. L. & Aslanian, C. B., (2016). Online college students 2016:
Comprehensive data on demands and preferences. Louisville, KY: The Learning House, Inc. p. 11)

Why are Online Students Passive Shoppers?

Passive Shoppers – What The Data Tell Us Recent research with online students indicates that they are PASSIVE shoppers: Trend data indicates that only 21% of online graduate students chose a program at a university that is more than 100 miles from where they live in 2016. This compares to 35% in 2012. The study suggests that this is […]

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A Web-Based Tool for Career Advancement

A Web-Based Tool for Career Advancement

Why Career Advancement? Why is career advancement so important? Because many of us believe that we know everything that we need to know for our current job. We are competent and it’s just not exciting or fulfilling anymore to do this work. We want something new, something challenging, and something more rewarding. If you are in this situation, you understand […]

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Some master's degrees are worth more than others

Best Masters Degrees for Improving Your Salary

Best Masters Degrees for Improving Your Salary I recently ran across an excellent source of information on the difference in wages paid by graduate degree discipline. A recent study from the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University finds that, overall, graduate degree holders earn 28% more than bachelor’s degree holders. Of course, they found […]

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What Matters Most to Online Students

Best Master’s Degrees?

Best Master’s Degrees? While reviewing articles on best master’s degrees, I found the Forbes’ article about Best and Worst Master’s Degrees for Jobs (2016). Especially interesting are the degrees that made the “Best” list.  According to the article, the Forbes’ ranking considered pay growth through mid-career, job satisfaction, stress, meaning derived from the work, and the projected […]

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How to Successfully Search for an Online Master’s Degree Program – Part 2

Shop for Online Master’s Degrees In my last blog post, I identified a few critical benefits of seeking an online master’s degree.  These include that you can expand your search for the right program to all available online programs in the U.S.  This is a great enhancement as you shop online master’s degrees. This gives you greater control over […]

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