Finding the Right Business Master’s Degree for You

New data on business master’s degree graduates (from campus and online programs) are available from the National Center for Education Statistics.  The preliminary 2015 data show that business disciplines continue to be among the most popular for student seeking master’s degrees.

Which of these business master’s degrees grants the most degrees?

The chart and table below show the total number of master’s graduates by business discipline in 2015 in the U.S.

Master's Degree Graduates

Business Master's Degree Graduates

The Business Administration and Management discipline awards the most master’s degrees by far – this is the Master of Business Administration (MBA) category.  The MBA is still the degree of choice for the vast majority of business students interested in graduate education.

Accounting awards the next largest number of master’s degrees, followed by Business / Commerce (these tend to be Master of Management degrees), Finance, Human Resources Management, and Organizational Leadership.

Most common reason for getting a business master’s degree

Prospective business master’s students start considering a master’s degree, on average, two years before applying to a program, according to the GMAC 2016 Prospective Student Survey.  They select their short list of schools about a year before actually applying to master’s programs.

Why do students decide to get a master’s degree?

  • Most say it is because they started a job search and realized that they lacked the
    skills, ability, or knowledge necessary to get the job they wanted
  • They’ve reached a plateau at work
  • They need higher level skills to do their current job better

Cost is their biggest reservation about returning for the master’s degree

The top three concerns identified in the research include:

  • The cost of getting the degree
  • The time and energy business school requires
  • How pursing the degree will affect their personal relationships and personal plans

What are the key decisions to make along the way when you decide what type of degree to get?

Prospective students whose first choice was the MBA also considered Master of Finance and Master of Management degrees.  Among those whose first choice was Master of Management, they also considered Master of Global Management, Master of Finance, and the One Year MBA.

Here are some of the other disciplines that students tended to consider together:

  • Master of Accounting prospects also considered Master of Finance and Master of Taxation
  • Master of Finance prospects also considered Master of Accounting and Master of Management
  • Master of Marketing prospects also considered Master of Global Management, Master of
    Management, Master of Entrepreneurship
  • Master of Supply Chain Management prospects also considered Master of Global Management
    and Master of Management

Where can you get more information to help guide you through the process of finding the right online business master’s degree program?

While there are many different resources available to you as you work your way through all of the decisions necessary to find the best business master’s program, until now, there was no place to go for complete and objective information about available online master’s degree programs.

The Online Degree Database gathers the details of all the most popular online master’s degree programs in the United States so you can search by the exact criteria that’s right for you.  You can select programs by Degree Type, Total Tuition, Professional Accreditation, Admissions Requirements, Location and more.

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Getting your master’s degree is expensive, in terms of cost, time, and effort.  Let the Online Degree
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