Improve Online Program Visibility and Lead Quality

The Online Degree Database helps universities improve online program visibility and lead quality. It is a unique, unbiased source of information about online degree programs shared for free with students shopping for online programs. Our data comes directly from university online program websites. Today, our database has nearly 5,000 degree programs from more than 950 universities. Some of the key details for each online program contained in the database include:

  • Degree name
  • Location – Region & State
  • Total tuition
  • Cost per credit
  • Concentrations
  • Accreditation
  • Prerequisite requirements
  • Admissions requirements
  • Rankings
  • Institutional details available through IPEDS can be appended to these data

As mentioned above, these data are sourced directly from university online program websites. Details are stored in a relational database with rankings and IPEDS data. We update all records several times a year and strive to include the universe of online programs from the most popular degrees in the U.S. today.  Prospective students who are researching their online degree options visit our website to shop for the best programs possible.

Let’s Level The Playing Field

Our website presents a student-friendly interactive tool that allows students searching for online degree programs to access our data — for free. Unlike other websites that target researching students to generate leads for online degree programs, our website never asks for student’s personal contact information. Students can access our available programs here to start their research on program options. They can select criteria like total tuition, location, or accreditation based on what’s most important to them. And they can generate an unlimited number of Free Reports that identify the universities offering online programs that fit their criteria.

Our Free Reports contain the university name, degree name, and hot links to a page with more information about the university and the program URL so that the student can go immediately to get more information on the programs of interest directly.  When a university decides to sponsor their online degree programs with us, we provide more program details to researching students in their Free Reports. This allows our sponsors to even further improve online program visibility to interested students.

When a university chooses to sponsor us, they are letting students know 1) that they are confident in the quality of their online programs, and 2) they want to provide students with the best information possible as they make one of the most expensive and important decisions in their lives.

And, importantly, when a university sponsors us, they have the option to provide us with a custom link for their online program URLs.  This link takes the shopping student to a page owned by the university where they may choose to leave their contact information for more information. Consider how this process would provide significantly higher quality leads than what may be currently available to purchase in the market. It’s a win-win for prospective students and for universities!

Our comprehensive database, interactive search tool, and Free Reports create greater efficiencies in the online program search for students looking for their best online degree options and universities with competitive online degree programs. For students, we provide free access to the most comprehensive details about online degree programs available — and, for universities, we generate greater visibility for their programs based on program characteristics, not on existing brand strength or size of marketing budget. Student’s do not care about the size of a university’s marketing budget, but they do care about an online program’s tuition, admissions requirements, concentrations offered, and delivery modality. Universities may also provide additional details about their institution and online programs on the dedicated University page on our website that is linked to the prospective student’s free report.

Improve Online Program Visibility

For the first six months of 2019, we had 2,221 visitors to our website who generated a total of 1,381 Free Reports.  Users clicked on a program URL in their Free Report a total of 626 times during this time, which means that we are currently sending pretty decent traffic to university online programs!

During the first six months of 2019, there were 16 universities that received 5 or more outclicks from our free reports, sending prospective students directly their online program’s landing page.

The online MBA, Master of Analytics, Master of Data Science, and Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) are the most popular reports generated so far this year. It’s no surprise that these degrees are among the most popular searches by visitors to our website. As traffic continues to build, we see interest in other programs growing as well. Students who find us and generate Free Reports are definitely taking advantage of the depth and breadth of our data to ensure that they understand and research all of the online programs that meet their criteria. No other resource provides the universe of the most popular programs for their due-diligence shopping requirements.

There are 911 institutions that appeared in the first six months of 2019’s Free Reports.  The institutions receiving the most visibility (appeared the most frequently in Free Reports) include:  Southern New Hampshire University, American Public University System, Western Governor’s University, Bellevue University, Grantham University, Maryville University of St. Louis, University of Maryland Global Campus, UMass Lowell, National University and Grand Canyon University.  Top visibility public institutions include University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Drexel University, Wayne State College, Indiana University Bloomington, and Arizona State University.

University sponsors also have access to all of the proprietary data we collect on student shopping preferences by degree type, complete with bench-marking data on the traffic generated through our website.

The Online Degree Database Difference

As described above, the Online Degree Database is bringing new and important information to the market about online degree programs. For the first time, researching students can access these details with our easy-to-use tools that allow them to select online program options based on program characteristics that are most important to them.  Universities that fit the student’s profile appear, at no cost, in the Free Reports. And, the Free Reports contain a link to the university’s program website and a page on our website that provides more details about the university. Sponsoring universities may also find high quality leads coming their way!

Consider partnering with us by sponsoring the Online Degree Database!  Contact Michelle directly at to learn more about how we can help you improve your online program visibility and direct prospective students your way.

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