How Many Online Master’s Degree Programs Are There?

Online degree counts for 2016

If you need to work while pursuing your bachelor’s or graduate degree, online degree programs let you to keep your job and take classes around your work schedule. Even better, learning online lets you earn your degree from a university that is more prestigious nationally or has exactly the faculty, accreditation, courses, concentrations, or cost you want –but can’t get — locally.

Overwhelming Amount of Choice

If you are searching for online master’s degree programs like the MBA or MAcc or MSW, you face a huge challenge.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the number of online master’s programs grew by 89% in the last five years, from 3,826 programs in 2012 to 7,226 programs in 2016. These data are always behind by 18 months, so it is safe to assume that there are more programs now!

In the Business category alone, the number of online master’s programs grew from 770 in 2012 to 1,536 in 2016.

More discreet details on the types of institutions offering distance education programs (2-year vs. 4-year, private vs. public, for-profit vs. not-for-profit, etc) can be found here.

There are only eight Master of Economics programs online today. Searching for these programs and reviewing the program details would take only a few hours of your time. But, there are 491 online Master of Business Administration programs, 87 online Master of Accounting programs, 113 online Master of Criminal Justice programs, 102 online Master of Public Administration programs, and 105 online Master of Social Work programs today. Searching every available online program to find the right one for you is just not practical or even possible for most people.

The Online Degree Database is a complete source of online degree information that you can use for your research. Make sure that this investment of time and money is spent wisely. Our data includes online degree programs that are advertising in the market now, in 2018. We have the most up-to-date and accurate information available in the market today.

Our Interactive Tool Can Help

You can find out exactly how many online master’s degrees are available in the market today using our Interactive Tool, especially among those degrees (MBA, MPA, MSW, and more) that are most popular.

Then, you can narrow down your list of potential programs based on characteristics like:

  • total tuition of the program
  • professional accreditation held by programs
  • GMAT/GRE requirement
  • 100% online or requires some visits to campus
  • location (national or by states)

At each step in the process, the Interactive Tool tells you the number of programs that meet your criteria so that you can see exactly how many programs meet your needs.

The Interactive Tool allows you to:

  • Search as many different types of programs as you like
  • Search as many different combinations of program attributes as you like
  • Develop your own short list of preferred programs from the universe of available options
  • Link directly to the program websites of online programs that met your criteria to get more information
  • At absolutely NO COST – every search is free!

Exactly What You Need To Get Started With Your Research

Maximizing your flexibility and choice is exactly what the Online Degree Database’s Interactive Tool is designed to do. Unlike other websites that claim to guide you to the best programs, this website gives you the tools you need to make your own decision using the universe of available options to get your started.

Universities, work with the Online Degree Database directly to access unique and relevant intelligence about the online degree market. Contact Michelle at for more information.

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2018 Five Most Affordable Online MSWs

Online master's degrees help you get ahead with your career.

2018 Five Most Affordable Online MSWs

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If you graduated from a CSWE-accredited bachelor’s program in Social Work and are looking for an affordable online, advanced standing MSW, it can take days, if not weeks, of time to find the best programs through traditional web searches. And both the cost and quality of an online MSW are relevant criteria to consider as you search. But, you’ll only find these details by searching individual program websites from hundreds of program choices.

The Online Degree Database collects data from university program websites to provide complete, up-to-date, details for online master’s degree programs. In the Fall of 2017, we collected data from the universe of online MSW programs actively marketing on the web. There are 51 online, Advanced Standing MSWs and 60 online, Regular Track MSWs included in our database.

Our Top Five Most Affordable MSW Programs

The top five CSWE-accredited, most affordable, fully online, Advanced Standing MSWs in the U.S. today are:
1. University of Missouri, Columbia (only open to students living in Missouri and contiguous states)
2. Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
3. University of Arkansas
4. University of South Dakota
5. Boise State University

Surprisingly, the total tuition for each of these programs is under $16,700 (based on the data published on their websites). In addition to being affordable, these programs are at nationally ranked institutions (per U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges rankings). The total tuition ranges from a low of $13,767 at University of Missouri, Columbia to $16,650 at Boise State University. The average total tuition of the 51 Advanced Standing MSW programs in the Online Degree Database is $34,370, so these fully online programs are a considerable bargain for interested students.

The Online Degree Database Saves You Time

If you are shopping for an online degree, the Online Degree Database is here to help you. This database contains more information about online degree programs than any website in the market today. Our goal is to help you find the right program, saving you a significant amount of time while providing the best information possible, for free.

You can also perform a no-cost search for online, Regular Track, MSWs. The Regular Track MSW programs are designed for students who have a bachelor’s degree in a field other than Social Work who want to become licensed Social Workers.

With our help, you can develop a short-list of program options that meet your key criteria before you start reaching out to universities for more information, at no cost! is a web-based, continually-updated, easily searchable database of all the most popular online master’s degree programs in the United States. We deliver all the information you need to find the right online degree to advance your career. Because we are not a marketing company, we never sell your contact information to universities or education companies.

Universities, work with the Online Degree Database directly to access unique and relevant intelligence about the online degree market. Contact Michelle at for more information.

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2018 Top Ten Most Affordable Online EdDs

Online Doctor of Education Ed.D. Programs

Affordable Online EdDs

Are you looking for the most affordable online EdDs? If so, you are not alone. Across the globe, the professional doctorate in education (EdD) is a very popular option for teachers, educational administrators, market researchers, human resource managers, and many others. But, you’ll only find these programs by searching individual program websites of many possible program choices. (On a side note: If you aren’t sure which doctorate degree is best for you, check out this recent article on the difference between a PhD and an EdD. It’s worth the read before you spend too much time headed down one path or the other.)

At, we collect data from online program websites to provide you with complete, up-to-date details for these programs. This fall (2017), we updated our online EdD data from the universe of online and low residency programs actively marketing on the internet. There are now 41 online and low residency EdDs included in our database, compared to only 26 in early 2017.

2018’s Top Ten Most Affordable Programs

The most affordable online EdDs in the U.S. market are (total online / out-of-state tuition):

1. Taft University System ($20,160)
2. Valdosta State University ($21,175)
3. American College of Education ($21,945)
4. University of the Cumberlands ($22,500)
5. Doane University-Graduate and Professional Studies ($26,790)
6. Aspen University ($27,000)
7. The University of West Florida ($28,050)
8. Old Dominion University ($29,052)
9. University of Illinois at Chicago ($29,824)
10. University of Louisiana at Monroe ($30,000)

The ten programs above are the most affordably priced, with total online / out-of-state tuition at or below $30,000. The only program that offers lower in-state tuition is Old Dominion University in Virginia. Their in-state tuition rate is just $496/credit, making it even more affordable for Virginia residents at $26,784.

Of these programs, Old Dominion University and University of Illinois at Chicago are low residency. The remaining programs are fully online. Old Dominion requires first and second-year students to attend an annual, two-week Summer Institute during the first two weeks in June. University of Illinois at Chicago requires students to come to campus for a preliminary exam and to defend their dissertation.

Details From The Universe of Online EdD Programs

If you are wondering about the rest of the 41 online EdD programs, here are a few basic statistics:

  • The total tuition for the forty-one online EdDs in our database ranges from $20,160 (Taft University Systems) to $108,000 (University of Southern California).
  • The average tuition across all programs is $46,393.
  • These programs offer concentrations in:
    • Leadership
    • Curriculum & Instruction
    • Community College Leadership
    • Special Education
    • STEM Education
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Student Counseling and Personnel Services, and/or
    • Higher Education Leadership
    • Two offer unique options: Concordia University of Chicago offers a concentration with their EdD in Gerontology. Northcentral University offers a concentration in Teaching English as a Second Language.
  • Fourteen of the 41 programs are low residency/hybrid, that require students to travel to campus. The rest are fully online.

Tired of the old way? Find a new way!

As noted above, there has been strong growth in the number of available online EdD programs in the market over the past few years, And, for prospective students, keeping up with this dramatic change is very difficult. Traditional internet searches for these programs can take hundreds of hours.

This is why we created the Online Degree Database. Prospective students are tired of trying to find the right online program through websites that:

  1. require that they provide personal information (that they then sell as leads)
  2. do not contain the most important criteria for consideration, such as updated costs and curriculum details,
  3. and contain limited details for only a few of the many available program options

Our goal is to provide you with the best information from the universe of options, so that you can decide which program to contact. Use our interactive tool to select the best online, low residency, and/or hybrid degree programs for you. Our tool saves you hundreds of hours of searching the web for this information. You create a short list of potential programs by searching on the criteria that best meet your needs. Criteria options include type of degree, total tuition, concentration options, professional accreditation options, admissions requirements, type of institution, or geography. Then, get your free report, immediately, without having to provide any personal information. The free report contains the universities and degree names of the programs that met your criteria (and live links to their program websites). Search as many times as you want at no cost.

The Online Degree Database Difference

What’s the difference? We don’t require you to disclose your personal information. Our comprehensive database lets you search on the program criteria most relevant to you. And your search includes the universe of available program options. It’s a world of difference from the other options available in the market today.

We help you find the best possible short list of programs before you start reaching out to universities for more information. If you are shopping for an online degree, is here to help you. Our goal is to help you find the right program, saving you significant amounts of time while providing the best information possible.

Universities, work with the Online Degree Database directly to access unique and relevant intelligence about the online degree market. Contact Michelle at for more information.

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