Searching for the Right Online Master’s Degree

Online Master's DegreeI’ve spent the last six years researching the potential performance of proposed new online master’s degree programs for universities across the U.S. and globally.  In the thousands of hours that I’ve searched for online program details on university websites, I’ve realized how difficult it is for students to find the program that is their best fit option.

Searching for the right online master’s degree is as frustrating initially as it is time-consuming. Universities don’t use a standard template to convey the details about their programs on websites.  There are no public, national databases that capture these details, either. And thousands of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs have moved online in the past five years and are competing against each other for prospective students in a major SEO battle. The main casualty in this battle is the student.

Google the words “Online Master of Business Administration” to see how many different online MBA programs, degree portals, and rankings websites are returned in the search.  At last count, there were over 500 online MBAs in the market today.  How can any potential student possibly research all of these programs to be sure that the one they choose is best for them?

Find the Right Online Master’s Degree for You

This is why we created the Online Degree Database — for students who are thinking about pursuing a master’s degree, and believe that an online program is the best fit for their personal and professional goals.  We spent the last eight months collecting details from university websites for the most popular online master’s degrees.

And now, these data are available to prospective students for a nominal fee per record.  Considering the cost of a graduate education, where a master’s degree costs anywhere from $10,000 to $120,000, having the option to
invest upfront in a comprehensive search for the programs that meet a student’s personal criteria is sea-change innovation in this process.  Compare this to how Carfax improves outcomes for used car buyers, or Angie’s List helps consumers find a good contractor for home improvement projects.

Attaining a master’s degree is one of the most important achievements in a person’s life. Studies show over and over again that getting a graduate education is a driver of career success and personal satisfaction.  The Online Degree Database will help students get there faster.


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