How to Successfully Search for an Online Master’s Degree Program – Part 2

Adult learner researches to shop online master's degrees

Shop for Online Master’s Degrees

In my last blog post, I identified a few critical benefits of seeking an online master’s degree.  These include that you can expand your search for the right program to all available online programs in the U.S.  This is a great enhancement as you shop online master’s degrees.

  • This gives you greater control over what you pay, what you learn, and your overall student experience and outcomes.
  • And, you don’t need to confine yourself to picking a program from among only universities close to where you live, if overall cost, quality of the program, and no set class meeting times are important to you.

Deciding on what degree is best for you when you shop online master’s degrees
Part 2 is about deciding what degree is best for you. Maybe you already have a specific graduate degree field in mind, like a master’s
degree in some field of business or healthcare or education. You may be considering a change in careers and are seeking advice from a career counselor or from colleagues, friends, or family who work in your field of interest. Or perhaps you are simply seeking the intellectual challenge that comes with a graduate program?

If you are not sure what type of degree is best for you or you are open to exploring the possibilities, take the time now to research options and be sure these options align with your personal and professional goals.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started with your search

  1. Many objective websites and published articles are available through a basic web search.
  2. Talk to everyone you know who loves their work about the path they took to get to their current careers
  3. Reach out to your undergraduate university’s Career Counseling Services office for help, even if you graduated more than a few
    years ago. They want to help you.
  4. Here is a recent analysis of the most popular business master’s degrees in the market today. It’s always great to know more about what master’s degrees others are seeking.

Consider a specialty business degree

Maybe a specialty business degree aligns more closely with your professional goals than an MBA?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, reports occupations that boost the salary of individuals with a master’s degree level of education.

  • The occupations that reward workers with master’s degrees include Marketing Research Analysts, Financial Analysts and Logistics professionals (in business), Medical/Health Service Managers (in healthcare), and Computer Systems Analysts and Programmers (in STEM industries), all receiving anywhere from an 18% to 44% boost in annual salaries with a master’s degree.
  • You must have a master’s level education for some occupations. This includes licensed Social Workers (MSW) in most states, and Nurse Practitioners, for example.

And finally, if you are working, check with your boss or HR representative to see if they offer career counseling and/or tuition
reimbursement to employees. Access to tuition reimbursement will have an important impact on how much of your own money it will
cost to get your degree.

 You can explore online master’s degrees in the most popular fields with the Online Degree Database. Our unique website offers you the opportunity to research how many online programs there are in a particular degree type, and what the characteristics of each program are, so that you are fully informed when you finally decide where to apply. Shop for online master’s degrees using the most comprehensive source of information available!
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