Women And Online Master’s Degree Programs

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Women and Online Master’s Degree Programs

Research with online master’s degree students in 2016 shows that the majority are women (66%). This is an important trend that we’ve seen in all graduate higher education since 2015, both online and on campus. So, today, on International Women’s Day, we honor the contributions and success of women at home, at school, and at work. And we acknowledge that women are a driving force in our society and deserve recognition for these contributions every day!

And congratulations to all the ladies out there who are pursuing a graduate degree! You’re working hard to get ahead, to improve your skills and livelihoods, and to become better critical thinkers, presenters, strategists, and leaders. There is no doubt that improving your level of education will lead you to better places in your life.

If You’re Thinking About An Online Master’s Degree…

If you want to move ahead faster in your career, carefully research the level and type of higher education necessary to reach your desired goal. Review the websites of professional accrediting bodies like AACSB for business or CCNE for nursing.  And in health professions, check with state licensing boards for the specific requirements in your state. Reach out to potential employers to ask about what level / type of education is best for your desired position. And if a master’s degree is preferred, visit the Online Degree Database to get complete and unbiased details about online degree programs so you pick the best program! Search for online degree programs in your field of interest based on what’s most important to you. Is it total tuition, time to complete the degree, available specializations / concentrations, prerequisite or admissions requirements?

Also, use or free Interactive Tool to customize your search of all online masters degree programs including MBAs, Master of Healthcare Administration, MSWs, and Master of Analytics. Save yourself hours, even weeks, of time researching degree options for online study on your own.

One Final Note

The most inspiring women in my life show me how committed they are to being the best they can possibly be, by:

  • supporting and encouraging me
  • sharing their wisdom and ideas freely
  • and teaching me new things about my work and myself

I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing women during my career. On this special day, thanks to all of you great women out there in my life!



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