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The Master of Management program is designed for students interested in entering leadership roles. The degree attracts applicants from diverse academic disciplines.  The Master of Management is similar to the MBA degree as it contains general management courses. With some exceptions, however, the Master of Management targets recent graduates or students that do not have an undergraduate business degree, whereas the MBA generally targets professionals with at least two years of work experience and an undergraduate business degree.

An important consideration when shopping for a Master of Management degree is reviewing the concentrations options that are available in online programs. These degrees, by design, often offer industry or occupation specific concentrations to enhance their appeal to prospective students. In the Online Degree Database, the available online Master of Management programs offer concentrations in the following topics: Project Management, Healthcare Management, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Operations Management, Public Administration/Non-Profit Management, Marketing Management, and Supply Chain Management. Some degrees have an industry-specific focus in the degree title, such as University of Tulsa – Master of Energy Business, or Boston University -- Master of Science in Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management. Reviewing the title of the degree, as well as the concentrations and admissions requirements is a critical part of shopping for the right program in this degree category.