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Additional information about the Master of Social Work

The Master of Social Work is a professional degree that prepares students to become licensed practitioners. Licensing requirements vary by state. Online programs in this field often work with students to help them find an appropriate location where they can complete their clinical requirements where they live. This is often called a "non-BSW" track, where students complete the necessary undergraduate prerequisite courses expected of a Bachelor of Social Work student before beginning the major courses for the Master of Social Work.

The Council on Social Work Education, or CSWE, is the professional accrediting body that is the sole accrediting body for social work education in the U.S. Prospective students of the Master of Social Work degree should visit the home page of this organization to familiarize themselves with the many resources and details available at The goal of CSWE is to ensure and enhance the quality of social work education. Please also see the information on this degree provided on the MSW Advanced Standing page.