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The Master of Public Health is a highly sought-after professional degree for students interested in serving in jobs that cover a wide range of public health initiatives, including policy advocacy, health education, institutional administration, treatment delivery, and disease prevention. Graduate students focus their studies in public health by choosing specializations like Epidemiology, Community Health, Health Promotion, Environmental and Occupational Health, Women and Children, Biostatistics, and others.

According to Payscale, the occupations that pay the highest average salaries for individuals with a Master of Public Health include Epidemiologists, Program Managers of Non-Profit Organizations, and Research Analysts. These positions pay an average salary of over $80,000 per year. The Council on Education for Public Health, or CEPH, is the professional accrediting body that works with universities to develop master\’s programs that meet high standards for student outcomes. Students who are interested in obtaining their Master of Public Health should visit the homepage for CEPH and read through their resources and FAQs for students in order to be better prepared to decide on the right degree program. Here is a link to a related website that provides real-time job information for individuals who have completed their Master of Public Health degree: