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Master of Sport Management degrees are cross-disciplinary and include courses in management, leadership, and organization in sport, behavioral dimensions, ethics, management, marketing, communications, finance, economics, social context, legal issues, governance and professional preparation in the sport industry.

Key occupations for prospective students to consider if they are interested in pursuing a Master of Sport Management include Agents and Business Managers of Athletes, Coaches and Scouts, Athletes, Athletic Directors, and Advertising/Promotions/Marketing Managers. According to, salaries for these positions range from a low of $40,000 for Account Managers to a high of $75,500 for Senior Marketing Managers. Among available online Master of Sport Management degrees, there are programs with concentrations in Athletic Administration, Marketing, Leadership, Hospitality Management, and Non-Profit Administration. Prospective students will have many options with these programs to find internships where they can apply the skills they are learning, either in locations closer to where the program is located, or closer to where they live, depending on the structure of the program.